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Post by Dark on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:43 pm

Rper Name: Dark
Character Name:
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Templar
Species: Fox Apparition
Server (City) of Origin: Gardenia, the main city for Gaia Server.
Is your character a Beta Tester:  Yes. Also a Gamemaster.

Reference: WIP

Items: WIP

Two Moorish single handed-swords


Strength: 7/10
Defense: 5/10
Agility: 8/10
Magic: 8/10
Endurance: 4 (2 from Equips)/10
Luck: 0/10
Critical: 0/10
Luck: 0/10
Dexterity: 3/10

Equips: Winter Belt (Dex+3)
Winter Crystal (End+2)

-Class Skills-

Barrier: Creates a barrier around them, a party member (or Party) to reflect one strike.

Party Heal: Allows them to heal all their party members up to 95% percent. Six turns must go by before it's used again. 

Protection: Heightens Defense

Brave Heart: Heightens Strength.

Heal: Helps heal wounds of one Party member

Revive: Allows them to bring back one dead group member. They must then wait six turns in order to do it once more. 

Reverse: Allows the Priest/ Priestess to reverse adverse effects on a character.

-Special Character Skills- 

Skill Name: Winged Blade
SP Use: Low (15%)  
Cool Down: Two Turns
Skill Duration: One Turn
Status Effects: 1.5x damage when both blades connect with target.
He throws first one blade then another at the enemy; they act like boomerangs, returning to him by the end of the attack.
Skill Name: Soul Drain
SP Use: Medium (25%)  
Cool Down: Four Turns  
Range: Melee
Skill Duration: Two Turns  
Status Effects: Causes 30% damage to target’s SP/MP. 10% returned to Acheron as SP.
Blades are bathed in a holy magic, each connecting strike causes 30% SP/MP damage, 10% is returned as SP to Acheron.
Skill Name: Winter Bite
SP Use: Medium (35%)
Cool Down: Five Turns
Skill Duration: Three Turns
Status Effects: 35% Chance of Bleed, 2x damage, 0.5x SP Damage.
His blades are bathed in holy magic, causing 2.5x HP damage, and 0.5x SP damage to target.

Skill Name: Double Blow
SP Use: Low (15%)   
Cool Down: Two Turns  
Skill Duration: One Turn  
Status Effects: 25% Chance of Bleed, 5% returned to Acheron as HP. 1.5x damage.
He rushes in close to the enemy, slamming both blades into the target's weak points and twisting. Causes 1.5x damage.

Often found with a calm smile on his lips, at times using it to hide what he’s truly thinking; he’s friendly, calm and protective, so it’s almost an instinct for him to help anyone in need of help, whatever their circumstances may be. He tries his best to be dependable and will always be attentive and warm to whomever his companion is at the moment.
When he does become angry, he can act quite coolly, at times even cruelly, towards those who really earn his dislike, and he doesn't often hesitate to show his feelings in that regard.
If at some point you come across him with a change of clothes and attitude, it’s not him, it’s his twin brother Charon…honest.

History: WIP

Pet Breed/Description:
White fox with three tails.
Pet Name: Yuki
 STR: 3+
AGI: 9+
END: 3+
INT: 2+
LUK: 3+
DEX: 5+
Bite: Bites a target.

Scratch: Scratches a target. 5% Chance of Bleed.

Camouflage (passive): Conceals himself, blending into his surroundings in order to keep hidden; while this skill is active, Yuki cannot attack. 

Dash: A quick movement that allows him to run from danger.


Player behind the Character
Nathan Lockwood
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Personality: He’s a lot like his online persona, especially at being well mannered and kind, but unlike online, he has to work harder at hiding his dislike from people, especially when it comes to his job. He has a twin brother by the name of Nathaniel and often, he finds himself having to talk Nathaniel down from unleashing his temper on someone else, or go through with something foolish…but at times, finds himself getting pulled into them.

A flier was left at their store one day, and interested, both him and his twin decided to give it a try. Acheron was asked if he would like to become a Gamemaster, and interested, he decided to say yes.


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