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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:07 pm

Alchemist: Relies on potions and their own creations in battle, this class also has the ability to wield magic, but only through their creations. They can brew potions, and for that they need a lot of magic, as well as infuse a weapon with magic. They cannot wield weapons. Alchemists can be fast, but strength is wasted on them since their magic is what gives their potions their punch.
-Class Skills-
Brewing: The ability to brew potions. The higher the Alchemist’s level, the stronger the brew.  
Craft: The ability to craft items and imbue them with magic. 
Resistance: Gives them a higher defense against Elemental Magic.
Moon Blessing: When fighting at night, the Alchemist’s potions gain a boost in strength. 


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