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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:04 pm

Templar: Usually wields (light or Holy Magic), and uses double weapons or pole weapons but is most effective with healing or buffing magic. This class has high agility to make up for its lower strength, but their healing magic is the best and are the only class that can bring back dead group members with an HP of 20%. They can also infuse their weapons with pure Holy Magic, which is very effective against Dark creatures and magic. 
-Class Skills-
Barrier: Creates a barrier around them or a party member to reflect one strike.
Party Heal: Allows them to heal all their party members up to 60% percent.
Protection: Heightens Defense
Brave Heart: Heightens Strength.

Heal: Helps heal wounds of one Party member

Revive: Allows them to bring back one dead group member. They must then wait six turns in order to do it once more. 
Reverse: Allows the Priest/ Priestess to reverse adverse effects on a character. 


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