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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:03 pm

Shamans: These magic wielders cannot battle on their own, instead they call upon spirits to fight for them, the stronger the shaman, the more powerful a spirit they may call, some may even be able to call on a God spirit. Shamans can only have one Spirit out at a time and unless Recall is used, must stay on the field until defeated or HP reaches zero. With each spirit comes a small tattoo of their symbol, which the shaman can choose where it appears, whether on their body or an item. At the time of creation, each Shaman is given four choices of a starter spirits. This classes’ magic is what determines how many spirits they can summon. 
-Class Skills-
Negation: Allows them to negate three attacks from their opponent on them, causing the damage to become zero.
Curse: Allows the shaman to cast a curse on their opponent, lowering one stat or causing the Poison effect. (Lasts three turns (posts).
Recall: Can only be used twice. It allows the shaman to recall a spirit for another.
Spirit Burst: Only attack spell a Shaman can use themselves on an opponent. It’s not powerful but causes some damage and blinds the opponent, allowing the Shaman to escape.


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