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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:01 pm

Heavy Blades: Wield the larger swords in the game. This class usually relies more on Strength and Endurance, though adding Defense (how well they block an attack, versus how many hits you can take) is also a good idea. Heavy Blades cannot use healing spells and so rely on HP potions. This class cannot wield magic the way other classes can unless they have a potion or magical item for it (a completed rp must show how they obtained it).  
-Class Skills-
Berserker: Once this classes’ endurance hits 5%, they can activate Berserker, it heightens their strength by +3 and boosts their endurance +4. It also halts their HP drop for the count of ten seconds (two turns or posts).
Syphon (passive skill): This skill activates when HP is at 30%. Every successful strike syphons 5% HP from the opponent to the Heavy Blade.
Survive: Allows them to survive conditions other classes might not be able, such as going without water for an extended period in the desert, subzero temperatures, or high pressure (such as a boulder landing on them or being under water).  

Diving: The only class in the game that is actually faster underwater. They can dive further than anyone, hold their breath for long periods, and see well in the watery darkness.


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