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Post by DiamondDust on Fri May 22, 2015 1:58 pm

Requiem of Geass (JCINK) NewAd_zps23tksixk

Plot Summary

After much struggle, hardship, and sacrifice, the Order of the Black Knights were finally able to defeat their long time nemesis, the Holy Britannian Empire. Zero, leader of the Black Knights, managed this victory by assassinating Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia of the Holy Britannian Empire, a man who was seemingly hell bent on taking over the world and ruling with an iron fist. Thanks to his demise, the war was over. Tired and weary soldiers from both sides took solace in this fact. 

The ceasefire meant the United Federation of Nations was now the lone superpower left on the globe, with the United States of Japan leading the way in a new wave of democracy. Britannia, now known as the United States of Britannia, followed suit, even going so far as to restructure their government into a constitutional monarchy. It appeared Zero's aspirations for a world where all citizens lived in peace and harmony was finally coming to fruition.

That was ten long years ago...

While there were those who preferred and celebrated the end of conflict, another group sought to descend things into chaos once more. They were the Britannian Restoration League, a group of bitter and vengeful individuals formed by the former dukes, duchesses, soldiers, and other powerful political figures from the Britannia of old. None of them could sit idly by while Japan and the rest of the world enjoyed their peace. No, the only thing on their minds was restoring the Holy Britannian Empire to what they were certain was its rightful place as the dominant superpower in the world. More importantly however, they too would reclaim their place in society, a high standing they felt was wrongfully snatched from under their heels. However, they knew they could accomplish nothing so long as Zero and his Black Knights remained. As such, the Britannian Restoration League decided to go to war, war against the Black Knights, and war against the entire world. Though reluctant, the Black Knights answered to this challenge.

Now once more, the world is embroiled with strife and conflict. The Black Knights and the BRL have fought to a stalemate at this point. How will this story of bitter rivals play out? Who will be victorious in the end?



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