Overview of the Storyline???

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Overview of the Storyline??? Empty Overview of the Storyline???

Post by Elm on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:36 pm

Hey, I'm sorry to come in so late to the game, but I may be bringing company ;3 Can I get an overview of the story and maybe a suggestion of how to join???



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Overview of the Storyline??? Empty Re: Overview of the Storyline???

Post by Raijinken on Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:15 pm

Nice to see you with us Elm! I'll IM you some of the details.

EDIT: Elm mentioned other people might be joining and asked me to ppost the summary I gave her. Please excuse the crudity of this:

"Not much to the actual 'storyline' (since we don't have anything planned yet after the opener) but things started on a rainy night in Tokyo with Lerant wanting to spread a bit of chaos to an Earth that hasn't really known it yet by sending some of his Shadow Servants to attack a few people both just arriving on Earth and who seem to have been there

Ryuusei snapped and punched the shit out of a truck *the giant unknown machine gave him a flashback to being abducted for experimentation) then after all the smaller groups converged, most of the Shadows retreated and now  Olette and Skuld are attacking

 That's essentially where we're at right now; Skuld outed Ryuusei as a god, he freaked out for a second time, may or may not have liquidated Akirin's organs (like mother like son) and took off running down the street, possibly being 'bait' for Olette and her sceptre"

That was everything before your last set of posts Dark

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