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NAME: Falin Din'Morin
NAME MEANING (Optional):
AGE (Optional): Unknown - Appears 28
BLOOD TYPE (Optional): ---
DATE OF BIRTH (Optional): Unknown
STARSIGN (Optional):
ALLIES (Optional): In a previous incarnation
ENEMIES (Optional): Salina, Lerant, others
EYE COLOR: Dark Blue
HAIR LENGTH (Optional): Shoulder length
SKIN COLOR (Optional): Pale Caucasian
WEIGHT (Optional): Aprox 175lbs
HEIGHT (Optional): 6'3"
BIRTHMARKS, TATTOOS, WINGS OR OTHER PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES (Optional): Falin has a set of faint tracery scars on his back. No other distinguishing marks or tattoos.
COSTUME: He dresses in black clothing of an older style.
WEAPONS/ITEMS: A pair of long thin twin blades which are identical by appearance. They are a hand and a half longer than a traditional English-styled sword, and appear at first glance to be Japanese swords made of a thin folded metal but close observation reveals that they are bladed on both sides.
JEWELRY (Optional): None
LIST PHYSICAL ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: Falin is a master swordsman. There are VERY few people who can match him in the art. Furthermore he heals quickly, is stronger, and faster than the human norm. His hand-to-hand combat capabilities are not quite as good as his skills with a blade, but he is nearly anyone's equal in physical combat of any sort. All that being said, his speed and strength are at the peak end of human capacity, only slightly bordering on supernatural, and his healing rate is fastest when he has the time to meditate and focus on healing himself.
LIST MAGICAL ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: Falin can set either of his blades on fire at will. He has mastery over three forms of flame. 
The Burning Flame: A simple burning fire. It acts exactly like normal fire. Usually it is light blue in color until it catches onto something at which point it reverts to a more natural shade of flame color.
The Consuming Flame: This white fire clings unnaturally to anything it touches. No amount of water will put it out, and will actually cause it to burn brighter. Suffocating the flames works better, but it is quick-moving and voracious in nature. Quickly consuming anything it touches and transferring to anything touched by that which it is consuming quite easily.
The Dying Flame: This is a black acid-like fire. It moves... most unnaturally. Almost with a mind of its own. It can not be dispersed by water, by earth, nor by an other obvious source. It can disappear in the shadows and reappear in other places. One can only wonder at it's true nature.

Falin can teleport himself or large groups of people by cutting complex holes into the spaces between dimensions (the actual process of this is quite complicated and he has absolutely no desire to explain it in detail). This process takes some time to accomplish so usually he uses it only when he doesn't think combat is about to happen or if no one else is available to teleport everyone. He is also capable of teleporting himself by enveloping himself into his own shadow and simply reappearing elsewhere.

Falin can create a silver dome to protect a small group of people by weaving his swords through the air. The dome is immune to most any kind of magic, but while it is active he has no active means to offer an attack. Nor can he maintain the dome indefinitely as he must continually weave his swords physically in order to maintain the dome.

Falin is a mage, his ability with magic somewhat difficult to tell and it's origins are known only to him. He rarely actively casts magic however. Again for reasons known only to him. He has on occasion however spoken words of power that have stopped time, held enemies in place, and changed the nature of reality in small measure. These things however are rare indeed, and done only at great need.
LIST PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: Falin's flesh is not preternaturally hard. Which means that he is every bit as easy to harm as any human - if you can hit him. He heals quickly yes, but it is not difficult to cause him damage. He is fast, but some are faster. He is strong, but there are stronger. More often it is his skill that keeps him alive than it is anything else.
LIST MAGICAL WEAKNESSES: While at first blush Falin seems a terribly powerful magic-user, his most powerful magics are rarely if ever used. He can personally number the times on a singular hand. As a mage his most powerful skill is his seeming lack of an END to his magical strength, but when he does use his most powerful abilities, or fight for extended duration, it is clear that using his powers does have SOME manner of strain upon him. - It is simply unclear how or why.
ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS: Falin can seem distant, and aloof if honorable, particularly at first meeting. He's never cruel, and is usually extremely understanding, but he is a man wholly willing to do whatever he thinks he might need to do. If someone threatens someone he cares about, he will not weep over the corpse he creates. That being said... He is a loving, devoted, and loyal man to those who earn his respect, and to those who he trusts.
FAVORITE COLOR (Optional): Silver
FAVORITE FOOD (Optional): ---
FAVORITE ELEMENT (Optional): ---
FAVORITE SUBJECT (Optional): ---
ANIMAL THAT BEST REPRESENTS HIM/HER (Optional): A Lioness - Protective, caring, lethal.
LIKES (Optional): ---
DISLIKES (Optional): ---
DREAMS/WISH (Optional): To reunite with Olette a woman for whom he has traversed time, space, and horrors that he would name only to her.
HOBBIES (Optional): ---
MOTHER'S NAME (Optional): ---
FATHER'S NAME (Optional): ---
PAST HISTORY: Once, far into the past Falin lived a quiet life. Until a man named Michael discovered his magic, and jealous of his wife Aviline decided to act upon that terrible emotion. He set his men upon Falin, and though Falin bested them, the swordsman found out that his wife had been taken hostage in the forests outside their home. He rushed to her aid - to late. He could only watch as Michael stabbed his wife in the chest and dropped her lifeless body to the ground. Falin blindly rushed to her side anyway, trying to stem the flow of her life from her chest... to no avail. While he mourned her, a circle of magic was brought to life around him. 

In a blind rage Falin tried to kill every single man who worked magic against him... it worked. They died to a man where they stood, but their magic worked too. He was bound into a timeless void for what was meant to be an eternity. The void was a terrible space. It existed in all time, and yet out of time, so that he was constantly conscious of himself, and of the passage of time moving. Worse, while he was trapped in that void a group known as the Silver Circle learned how to summon him. Binding his body to their summons. Even with that, they could not control his spirit, but they spent centuries torturing him. Summoning him in order to kill him and banish him back to the void. The experiments, the horrors which they enacted upon him are to numerous and to terrible to list.

They drove him mad.

He lost all sense of himself when he was summoned. All sense of time and who he was. He became a mindless puppet, a raving madman, a crying child begging for release whenever he was summoned. Only to return to the void. Conscious of everything he had done and the horror which he had endured. It took decades for him to find the slenderest hope of freedom. By tearing tiny pieces of his own soul from himself and forcing them through time one drop at a time, he managed to form for himself a new body.

This body grew it's own consciousness and was birthed by a human woman. He was named Menel.

When Menel turned 16 his body reached full maturity, and Falin was able to touch very light upon the edge of reality. Yet he only could do so in the most extreme of circumstances. When Menel's body was killed, or when the young man was driven to the need to kill. Menel's own code of morality and skill with a blade meant that Falin was not summoned for the first time in order to protect him until he was 25. 

Falin was summoned and confused, angry, unknowing that it was Menel's - his own - doing he blindly took hostage the closest person at hand. A five-year-old girl. Rather than fearing him the child reached out. Reassuring him that everything was okay. In return for her kindness Falin solemnly swore that one day he would return the child - Olette - to her mother, and then... he vanished. Returning the body they shared to Menel who remembered nothing of the incident. 

Thus began an odd sequence of events. Every time Menel's life was in danger Falin was summoned. Often confused, often angry and lashing out at even those who tried to help him. Menel remembering none of it later. Eventually Menel was told, and the swordman feared that this unknown part of himself would someday harm or even kill those he cared about. Everything came to a head when a Sorceress known as Salina found Menel. Interested by his unique soul, she tricked Falin into believing that his love - Aviline was alive, and that if he obeyed her she could reunite them. It was not untrue, but it would have meant the death of an innocent woman and in the end when Salina was killed by the wish of a single woman wielding an Angel as a weapon, those that loved Menel and Falin the most were offered a choice: That Menel live and Falin die. That Falin die so that Menel might live. Or that their souls which had once been one be forever separated from one another and that they would there-after be two separate men. The women chose unanimously for the final option and the two men became at last two men.

Finally, at long last Falin was free. Free to love the woman who had stolen his heart at the tender age of five, and who as a woman had rescued him from an unending void and given his life back to him. For indeed Olette had been one of the three women to make that choice.

Though they faced many trials after that (including the sorrowful disappearance of Menel who was taken by an enemy force and not seen from again), the two remained quite close, and to this day Olette remains in Falin's heart. He can not forget her, and he seeks her once more.
GOALS/MISSION: Where have you gone my love? I will find you, though I search a billion universes and endless realities. You who once saved me, do not forget that my heart is ever yours.



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