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Post by Raijinken on Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:00 am

Do you love the roleplay and tell your own stories? To travel to distant worlds and do battle with the hordes of darkness? Do you like to create amazing characters who's limit is your own imagination? If you've answered any of these questions then Scattered Dawn is the place for you!

What does Scattered Dawn offer?

     -Friendly Staff
     -No word count or face claims required
     -The chance to tell pretty much whatever story you want. Do you wish for the group to time travel? To venture to other worlds in another universe? Is there a story you wrote and wish to enact with the group? All these possibilities and more, allowing you the chance to shape how the site evolves.
     -The ability to create pretty much whatever kind of character you want. Do you want to do a crossover; fusing elements from another series into an existing character? Do you want to do your own alternate universe version of a character...or do you wish to just make someone from scratch, either based on a pre-existing canon(s) or a completely original character?
     -Share your fanfiction with us and post pics that represent your character in our gallery.


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