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History of the Galactic Guardians Empty History of the Galactic Guardians

Post by AshK1980 on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:07 pm

History of the Galactic Guardians: We all know the story of the Silver Millennium and the Moon Kingdom. How it was devastated by an attack by the kingdom of Earth and fell. We also know how the Solar System Sailor Guardians were resurrected. However, what if that was only part of the story?

It all started many years ago in an era known as the Silver Millennium. There were three kingdoms that worked closely together to protect the Galaxy. The Earth Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, and the Solar Kingdom. Each kingdom had their own set of guardians. However since it was impossible to live on the sun, a Space Station was built in between the sun and Mercury. It was known as the Solaris Space Colony. Being close to the sun, you think the people would fry, but that was not the case, the Solaris Space Colony was climate controlled. It's climate matched Earth's perfectly as well as the kingdoms of all the planets at that time. When the Earth Kingdom attacked, Queen Serenity and her Moon Guard fought well, but it wasn't enough. The group had to call on a bit of back up, the Solar Guard. Also known as the Galactic Guardians. Also Prince Endymion was not the only royalty on earth, a young lady by the name of Princess Kasumi of Atlantis was also royalty. 

When the Earth Kingdom Attacked the Moon Kingdom the group needed some back up, so her older sister Queen Solaria of the Solar Kingdom offered the help of her daughter and her guardians. Queen Serenity accepted the help of the Solar Kingdom. The Galactic Guardians were called to action. Unfortunately, in the end even the help of the Galactic Guardians weren't enough to ward off the attack. The Moon Kingdom fell and so did the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity was so thankful for the help that her sister Queen Solaria offered that she agreed to send the Galactic Guardians forward as well. Queen Solaria accepted, but had a condition. What was this condition? It was that the Galactic Guardians were sent to another dimension so they could have normal lives apart from the normal lives of the Solar System Sailor Guardians. Queen Serenity agreed and with the help of Queen Solaria of the Solar Kingdom, sent the Galactic Guardians and their advisers to the Pokemon World, while sending the Solar System Sailor Guardians to the Earth of the Sailor Moon Dimension. Unfortunately, about 5,000 years before the Galactic Guardians awakened, the borders between the Pokemon Earth Dimension and Sailor Moon Earth dimension broke down, thus causing the dimensions to unite as one. The means to separate the dimensions have been lost to the tides of time ever since.

Two years before RP Time, all the Galactic Guardians were awakened for future threats. All of the Galactic Guardians have had their powers for two years. The Solaris Court, The Galactic Enforcers and Misty are at the Crystal Level(Super). while Ash/Ashley is at the Eternal Level and is also known as Princess Solaria of the Solar Kingdom based on the Solaris Space Colony.

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