Eldarwen's Character Profiles

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Eldarwen's Character Profiles

Post by Eldarwen on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:18 pm


NAME: Janna Thompson
Alias: Aurai


NAME MEANING:  Janna from Hebrew meaning flourishing as well as heaven or paradise
Aurai from Ancient Greek meaning: atmosphere, lightning, breeze

GENDER: Female

AGE: 19


DATE OF BIRTH: February 17

STARSIGN: Aquarius


OCCUPATION: A transfer student studying meteorology


EYE COLOUR:  Light Blue


HAIR LENGTH: Mid thigh pulled back into a ponytail high on her head

COSTUME: Aurai has a white armored body halter top which flares at the end that has a lalic strip in the middle ending in a wide point with golden trim. On the back of the top, the gold trim wraps around the bottom.  Another piece of gold trim comes from the middle of her chest wrapping around the back to form lapels with a piece of purple cloth in between with a gold diamond by the point.  A star pendant sits at the top of her halter with a lilac georgette flare on the bottom as a sailor collar is attached to the top of the star.  Four strips of georgette hang down as they are attached to the top.  The lilac georgette can be seen at the top of white gloves that end just above the elbow with gold trim at the top and wrists.  A pleated skirt made of taffeta the color of lilac reaches down to her mid thigh.  She has white tights that reach just below her skirt with a gold trim in a point.  A pair of white ankle high heeled boots with golden heels that are three inches high.  A golden star is in the middle with a piece of lilac georgette behind it.  A golden star with three pedals on either side sits on top of her head as it wraps around her ponytail.     

WEAPONS/ITEMS: She has a golden staff.  On the top of it, there is a golden star that is suspended in the middle of a rounded triangle.  Three flower pedals on either side hold up the suspended triangle.  Near the middle of the staff, a purple grips is placed as Aurai will use it to cast her spells or on the rare occasion hand to hand fighting.  At the other end, a matching rounded triangle is attached.



EYE COLOUR: Light Blue

HAIR COLOUR: Blonde with light purple highlights

HAIR LENGTH: Mid-thigh usually pulled into a high ponytail with long bangs that frame her face.

SKIN COLOUR: Lightly Tan


HEIGHT: 5’7”

COSTUME:  Janna goes to a private college as an exchange student in Tokyo. She has a  white button up shirt with a red tie.  A purple brown jacket that she wears along with a light maroon plaid pleated skirt.  She wears black knee high socks as well black loafers.  When she is not in school, she wears a variety of sun dresses, skirts, and capris along with light sweaters and lacy tops.

WEAPONS/ITEMS/TALISMANS: She always has a star pin on her shirt.


LIST PHYSICAL ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: None other than basic staff fighting


  • Howling Tornado: summons a whirlwind that knocks up the target, leaving them dazed
  • Zephyr: Commands a wind Elemental for one minute to defends the summoner.
  • Eye of the Storm: A shield that cancels out magical and physical attacks
  • Monsoon:  This attack creates a wall of water and wind causing enemies to be knocked back at least 20 ft.  It does damage with any of debris picked up.  
  • Healing Rain: is able to heal moderate cuts, bruises, and some stunning or
  • light poisons.
  • Lightning Storm: calls down around 10 or 15 bolts of lightning. The surround her, going in a circle paralyzing anything close to her.
  • Blizzard: reduced visibility, will freeze a target into place if they stand still or are can't get out of the storm.


-She can accurately predict weather with great accuracy.  Her emotions affect the weather, usually when she is depressed it will downpour around her or if she is angry, the wind will blow at 40+ mph.  The stronger the emotion the more damage it will cause.

-Sensitive to strong weather patterns such as typhoons or hurricanes.  They will make her light headed and sick to her stomach if they are a class 4 or 5.

Mental, earth, and fire magic are the elements that are strong against her attacks.


ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS: Janna is soft spoken when she is around people she doesn’t know.  She will often hide how intelligent she is for she does not want to put others off.  She is slow to anger, being laid back around most people.  She doesn’t like to talk about her past very much, usually dodging the conversation all together.  When she does get angry with people, she talks in an monotone, even softer than normal, explaining in great detail what has made her upset.  It will take her awhile to get over what the other person has done.

FAVOURITE COLOUR: White, blues, and dark gray

FAVOURITE FOOD: Fresh water fish



LIKES: Cloud watching

DISLIKES: People who judge her by her looks, anyone who is overbearing

DREAMS/WISH: To be a professional storm chaser or work on improving weather predicting technologies

HOBBIES: Ameatur Storm chaser


MOTHERS’ NAME:  Alice and Teresa

HOME PLANET/COUNTRY:  She comes from a system clear across the galaxy from Sol.  It is a similar place to Earth.  There is a variety of races that have a history of not getting along for hundreds of years.  At one point, the wars between the races got so bloody that they almost wiped themselves out.  The people called upon their leaders to end the war.  Peace was tentative at first, over time great cities of vast cultures grew as the races became one.  Technology along with magic advanced quickly as brilliant minds worked together.   
Unknown to the most of the populace, danger lurked underneath the surface.  It had been gathering energy for centuries while everyone had forgotten.  In ancient times it ruled with terror, going from planet to planet destroying the essence of life.  It had almost succeeded when it arrived until the Star Guardians had caught up with it.  The beast could sense that they had diminished, unlike the days of old.   The time to strike was upon it as it burst through the ground like a fiery volcano.  
The people of the planet felt the great trumble under their feet as fire rained down from the sky.  Mass terror was everywhere as the people ran for their lives.  Countless lives were lost as the Baron took what was rightfully his.  The planet turned to ash and dust, barely any patches of life left.
Many years past until the arrival of Star Guardians. At first, it would seem that they would defeat this evil. The fight took a turning point when the Baron unleashed his ultimate power.  The guardians lost their lives in the fight though not before the Baron retreated underground to heal the injuries.  The people slowly were able to rework the land into something viable.  Years passed until one day the Baron reappeared.  His emergence reawakened the powers of the Stars Guardians that were left behind.  Five brave souls battled the terrible evil once again.  All but one lost their lives to this terrible fate.  There was much rejoicing as the demon was no more.  The Star Guardian had disappeared, no one knows what became of her.



Janna was born during the time of peace in between the times of chaos of the Baron.  She grew up with two loving mothers.  She grew up living an average lifestyle, never knowing that there was something a bit odd about her would lead her to a great destiny.  
She didn’t pay too much attention when the weather seemed to react to her emotions.  She thought it happened to almost everyone.  Her mothers were concerned one evening when she threw a fit about not being able to go to a friend’s house instead of doing chores.  A violent wind storm developed, almost completely ripping apart the village.  It was then that her mothers starting putting two and two together.
Soon after the violent storm, she moved to a different town for a fresh start.  Her mothers found respective jobs and she started a new school at the age of 10.  Long conversations at home about what happened and why it was important to control her emotions.
It took her a long time not to let her feelings affect her or the weather around her.  School became tough for her as the other kids would often call her ice queen behind her back.  She would hide this from her mothers as she pretended that everything was okay.  She would cry in the corner of a park causing most people to think that rain showers developed naturally.  She would often curse the gift that was given to her.
One day, a strange girl from her school caught her crying.  The girl asked what was wrong.  Janna shock her head stating it was nothing really as she cleared the tears from her face, walked away, stating it was none of her business.  She would keep running into the strange girl over and over again, only to be asked personal questions she did not want to answer.  She got cornered by the girl and her small group of friends several weeks later.  She feared the worst however that was not the case.  She found that conversation she was pulled into was relaxing, different from others which made her feel unwanted.  For once it was nice to feel like she was not a freak.  
Than the worst came true.  The ancient evil had reappeared once again.  People fled as the Baron began his reign of terror once again.  Janna and her friends felt a strange as the saw the evil lord.  A glow developed in the in her chest as a strange power washed over her.  In her heart, she felt her calling as her costume appeared.  A vision came to her as an ancient spirit explained what she was, a Star Guardian and her powers over the weather came from that.  The spirit talked about how her powers were given to her to save various planets across universe.  She will go where she is needed.  The spirit gave her tips of how she could overcome the monster where the others had failed.  
The fight lasted as the group of friends battled long and hard against the beast.  They were almost beaten when they finally turned the tide, or at least they thought.  A powerful wave of energy killed the four girls however it weakened the ancient evil.  Janna had little knowledge of what happened to her friends while she took advantage of the weakened state.  She pulled all of her power, killing it once and for all.
Once the beast was destroyed, she ran over to each of her friends.  She found them dead.  She cried as a monsoon rains flooded the area.  The excitement of her new found purpose was gone as she fled her home.  She let her fate take her across the galaxy.  She found herself going into a type of status.  She felt guilty for losing the only friends and leaving her family without a word.  
Eventually she found herself floating around Earth.  She watched a certain island as she found herself drawn there.  She was able to blend in though unsure how.  Everyday she works to forget what happened, hoping that she would never again be called upon.  Through her loneliness, a guide of sorts came to her by the name of Zypher.  She found herself talking to the being over and over again about her life.  Slowly, the guilt of what happened slowly died away as it turned to grieving.  She waits to see why she was brought here.

GOALS/MISSION: To forget her tragic past, hoping it does not come back to haunt her

As a Star Guardian fades, their power is reborn in new protectors.  Star Guardians are chosen for their strength and resolve, but above all, they are chosen for their courage.  It often signals a cataclysmic battle elsewhere in the universe when multiple Star Guardians to serve at once.  They must familiarize themselves with the customs and rituals of a planet in order to blend in with its inhabitants.  They are imbued with incredible power, but with it comes a lifetime of service to the universe.  It is a life burdened by responsibility and fatal consequences.  Although rare, a Star Guardian may reject their fate as a protector.  However, the results of such an action reverberate through the universe and beyond.  They can only defeat the darkness that spreads across the universe if they stand together.  They will fight as one or fall as many. 

Information is abundant. Wisdom is scarce.

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