Saturday 8th- 2025 (a Week later)

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Re: Saturday 8th- 2025 (a Week later)

Post by Eldarwen on Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:29 pm

The girl studying took little notice of the group close by who grew a little louder.  She had learned to block out most noise around her.  The school she went to had a few rowdy people along with her friends made for a great distraction.  Her friends....

She paused as her eyes drifted up from her book to the ceiling.  A wetness rimmed her eyes as she blinked a few times.  Her mind formed a picture of the four other girls as the corner of her mouth curled slightly.  A darkness took hold of that happy picture as she blinked away a tear.  Explosions and laughter filled her ears as a wall of light filled her vision.  It was something that she had not thought about in a few long time. 

A brush of a tiny breeze crossed her cheek as she was pulled out of the memory.  She looked to her left as she saw the outline of her companion, Zypher.  She was a small white rodent with purple scruff of hair along the back of her neck with long ears that faded into purple at the end and a long purple tail that curled into a c at the end.  A golden horn came out of her forehead as she hovered a little.  On her world, this tiny creature was a spirit of nature, one that had followed her on this journey.

"Pst, Janna, earth to Janna."  She spoke in a high, breathy voice that none could see unless they had the gift of high spiritual powers.

The girl sighed as she answered, "What is it, Zyph?"

Zypher spread her front paws out wide, "Something strange is going on?  The outside it is super dark.  I almost thought that you were angry and started a storm.  Clearly that is not the case.  And people are dropping like flies.  I'm not sure why."

Janna looked around as she pushed her chair back.  Something very odd was happening.  The light had grown dim to the point where it was pitch black.  She noticed people dropping like flies from the yellow and green fireflies.  She brought up a small breeze around her to stop those things from touching her.  She packed her bag up quickly as she headed out of the cafe.  Her heart was racing as she was unsure of what to do. 

The storm caught her attention as she looked up frozen.  She heard someone say that they had to be ready.  Ready for what? What was going on?  She did not notice that her chest had a faint glow to it.

Information is abundant. Wisdom is scarce.

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Re: Saturday 8th- 2025 (a Week later)

Post by sportsnutd on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:50 pm

Rose stood up after hearing and seeing people falling down to the floor then some others attacking what seemed to be fireflies or something. She tried to move away from them not wanting to have the same thing happen to her as well. She then heard someone talking about some doorway or mirror of some sort and she went over to them and said, "Excuse me..I'm new's Rose and I don't know whats going on right now but if you know how to get us the heck out of here..I'm with you..."


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Re: Saturday 8th- 2025 (a Week later)

Post by Raijinken on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:47 pm

"Wow someone's jealous," Ryuusei said with a smirk as Raven bot between the 2 and covered his Princess' virgin ears. "...then again you DID feed her wings. I mean that could've been one of your siblings they sauced and fried up back there."

Aneirin was suggesting to take things outside...but seems that would be postponed as other patrons began to drop like...or rather WITH (fire)flies! "The fu..." Amidst all of this, amon appeared, weapon drawn and pulled Sylphie into the shadows.

The two Einherjar made haste ouf of the building and Ryuusei followed soon after. Raven seemed shocked by all of this suggesting this was that plague they were talking about. (Fan-fucking-tastic!) Before he could say anything too them about it, Amon appeared before them, letting them know that Sylphie was 'safe'. "I want to see her!" He blurted out, a bit unsure of why he did.

Amon pointed  to the darkened sky above... (Something tells me this is one rainstorm I'm NOT gonna like...) The man up there was said to be this 'Mage of Ages' he's been hearing so much about. "So that's him. Not really impressed." Especially as the light the Mage summoned to envelope the teen was dispelled by a Rainbow-colored yet mostly Golden aura.

He remained there on the street, glowing as several others disappeared.


A rock wall burst open, allowing the blackness to be illuminated by a Rainbow-colored but mostly Dark Purple aura. The creature let out a shrill shriek before launching itself upwards to being boring through the concrete and steel 'ceiling'.

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Re: Saturday 8th- 2025 (a Week later)

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