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Post by Dark on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:48 pm

Rper Name: Dark
Character Name:
Class: Rogue
Horned demon
Server (City) of Origin: Gardenia, the main city for Gaia Server.
Is your character a Beta Tester:  Yes
Character Glitch: - (WIP)

Reference: WIP

Items: WIP

A deck of Cards (Are made of metal but look like ordinary playing cards)/ Bombs.)
Weapon 2: Knife

Element: Fire 


Strength: 5/10
Defense: 4/10
Agility: 10/10
Magic: 4/10
Endurance: 3/10
Critical: 0/10
Luck: 5(Equips)/10
Dexterity: 4/10

Equips: Devil’s Gloves (Luck+5)

-Class Skills-

Steal: Allows them to steal treasure from monsters or other players.
Clone: They can create a clone of themselves. 
Acrobatics: Allows the Rogue to keep their balance in places others could not. It also gives them high flexibility, allowing them to perform flips, dives and rolls while still on the move.  
Stealth: Allows them to move silently and unseen. Can only be used outside of battle.

-Special Character Skills-

Skill Name: Royal Flush
SP Use: Low (20%)
Cool Down: Three Turns  
Status Effects: 25% Chance of Poison.
Range: Long
Skill Duration: One Turn
She throws seven cards made of metal which are aimed at vital points on the body; all are poisoned; one emits a small cloud of poison if contact is achieved. Causes 0.5 damage per successful strike up to 2x damage.
Skill Name: Bombers Roulette
SP Use: Medium (25%)
Cool Down: Four Turns
Status Effects: 5% Chance of Stun, 30% Chance of Poison
Range: Long
Skill Duration: One Turn  
She juggles a set of seven cards, throwing one after another at a target; if caught and returned within two seconds the card won’t go off (two cards are poisoned), if they’re the bombs. If dropped, the bomb card explodes, causing 1.5x more damage.
Skill Name: Bombardment
SP Use: High (45%) MP 
Cool Down: Four Turns
Status Effects: 10% chance of Deaf, 50% Chance of Stun, 15% Chance of Poison
Range: Long
Skill Duration: Two Turns
She bombards the target with poisoned bombs. Causes 3X damage. Status Effects last two turns.
Skill Name: Ace of Hearts
SP Use: Low (15%)
Cool Down: Three Turns
Status Effects: 10% Chance of Stun
Range: Close
Skill Duration: One Turn
50% Chance of Success. She places several bombs in the form of cards directly into her target’s inventory. They detonate at a snap of her fingers. Causes 1.5x damage.

Cautious when it comes to first meetings, but she warms up to a person quickly (as long as they're not very severe or a...'wet blanket' as she terms it). More often than not, she's frank when it comes to dealing with people, and is always interested in what others have to say, the stranger the better.
She's always up for a joke (on people too) so long as she's not the target, and tends to use a lot of dry humor, though she does try to keep her sarcasm to a minimum, but it often slips out. If she has the chance (and she can't help it) she'll probably rob you blind, though she'll leave her contact info, just in case her unfortunate target wants to work out a deal.

History: WIP


Player behind the Character

Willow Larks
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Personality: Friendlier, shows less caution on her expression, which makes it easier to approach her, but it's far more apparent in the polite way she speaks.

Willow was given up to the state when she was a year old by her first pair of adoptive parents, and grew up going from one foster house to another until she was fifteen when her two older, half-brothers, found her and took her in. She lived with them until she turned eighteen, then moved into her own apartment with the money she saved from several different jobs, though she’s still on good terms with them and often visits on weekends. She currently works as a secretary. She found out about Demons through an advertisement in her computer and decided to give it a try.


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