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Post by Dark on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:37 pm

Rper Name: Dark
Character Name: Olette
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Species: Human
Server (City) of Origin: Gardenia, the main city for Gaia Server
Is your character a Beta Tester:  Yes. Also a Gamemaster.

Character Glitch: WIP

Reference: WIP

Items: Sweet Treats (for her birds)
Healing potions (HP Healing 80%)+10
Water (HP 15%) 4+
Snacks (Magic Restore 12%) 10+

 Weapons: Mage's Scepter

Element: Plant, Light (Third is still undecided for her)  

Strength: 0/10
Defense: 5/10
Agility: (Equips)3/10
Magic: 10/10
Endurance: 5/10
Critical: 3 (Equips) 2= 5/10
Luck: 0/10
Dexterity: 7/10

Equips:  Four Leaf Clover (AGI+3)
Sky Crystal (CRIT + 2)

-Class Skills-
Enhance: Gives a boost to their spell, whether it be dexterity or strength.  
Teleport: Can only teleport small distances unless they have a teleport stone (these stones must be purchased with points or a completed rp must show how they got them).
Self-heal: Allows them to heal themselves up to 50% percent twice.  
High Immunity: Mages have a high immunity to their first Element.  

-Special Character Skills-

Skill Name: Magnolia Whirlwind
SP Use: Low (15%)  
Cool Down: Two Turns  
Status Effects: 5% Chance of Blind
Range: Long
Skill Duration: One Turn.
Creates a whirlwind of magnolia petals that attack the target, acting like blades. Causes 1.5xdamage.
Skill Name: Sweat Pea Vines
SP Use: (Medium) 30%
Cool Down: Five Turns
Status Effects: 40% Chance of Paralysis
Range: Long
Skill Duration: Two Turns (she can keep it going, but it adds to the cool down and continues to drain SP. Limit One Additional Turn active). Causes 1.5x damage on first round, 2x on second round. Reduced 0.5x if third additional round active.
Thick trees made of flowering sweat pea vines burst from the ground between her (or around her) and her adversary. They act like whips, lashing out at the target to harm or entangle.
Skill Name: Halo Blast
SP Use: High (50%)
Cool Down: Five Turns
Status Effects: 35% Chance of Blind
Range: Long
Skill Duration: One Turn.
Light gathers before her scepter and lashes out like a large cannon blast at a target. Causes 3x damage.
Skill Name: Homing Lanterns
SP Use: Medium (35%)
Cool Down: Three Turns    
Status Effects: None
Range: Long   
Skill Duration: Two Turns (she can keep it going but it drains MP. Limit is One Additional Round).
Light shaped in the form of a lantern forms in midair, homing on to a target; causes physical damage when contact is made. 1x damage to 2x damage.

Personality: Calm headed and friendly, has a peaceful sort of cheerfulness about her. Olette’s the type to give others a second chance…and probably a third… depending on their actions, and while it happens on occasion, it’s not often she gets angry; even when it does happen it doesn't often show on her face, more in her manner, which tends to be a little…passive aggressive.

History: WIP 


-Pet Breed/Description:-
1: Fiore- Small bird, about the size of a child’s fist. Looks like a posy of cherry blossoms with a small brown twig, on closer inspection; the twig is the beak, the cherry blossoms the feathers. Decorative pet.

2: Lilac- Small bird which grows in size when carrying Olette. Has long purple, petal wings. Two can usually be seen folded at Olette’s waist, while the bird usually hides herself at Olette’s nape behind her curtain of hair. Holds six petal-wings, two of which wrap around Olette before they pull her into flight. 


STR: 2+ 
AGI: 9+ 
END: 9+ 
INT: 2+ 
LUK: 0+ 
DEX: 3+

Growth: Has the ability to grow to be a little larger than an Andean Condor, with much stronger wings slightly longer than those of a wondering albatross when fully stretched. The body looks like a fall of long petals over Olette’s back. 

Aurora: Enables the bird to shift the color of her feathers.

Flight: Can only carry one player.
Hypnotic Song: while both have very beautiful songs, Lilac’s has a hypnotic effect on most beings.

Player behind the Character
Name: Meredith Monroe
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Personality: She’s still kind and cheerful, though she does become annoyed more easily. Often has a calm expression on her face and can be stern when the moment calls for it, this comes from her looking after her father.

Background: Her mother died when she was three and until Meredith was twelve, they were looked after by her father’s mother but when she died, Meredith took over, looking after herself and her father who tended to lose himself in his research and studies. When Meredith turned eighteen, the small inheritance her grandmother left her was given to her and because she had always loved flowers, Meredith used it to begin her own florist shop. One day while opening her shop, she noticed a flier had been left, and reading it, she realized it was for a new virtual reality game, searching for beta players. Curious, Meredith decided to give it a try and sent an email, she was quickly contacted back and was even offered a position of a Gamemaster, being told that this was to be kept secret, and for the most part, would not affect her rp experience. Curious, Meredith decided to try it.


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