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Styx- Fighter Class Empty Styx- Fighter Class

Post by Dark on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:33 pm

Rper Name: Dark
Character Name:
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Species: Fox Apparition
Server (City) of Origin: Gardenia, the main city for Gaia Server.
Is your character a Beta Tester: Yes

Reference: WIP

Health Potions (80% HP)  +7
6 Snacks (Magic Restore 12%)

Weapons: Spiked Gauntlets



Strength: 8/10
Defense: 3/10
Agility: 9/10
Magic: 4/10
Endurance: 6/10
Critical: 1( Equip)/10
Luck: 0/10
Dexterity: 4 (Equip)/10
Equips: Winter Belt (Dext+4)
Winter Earring (Crit+1)

-Class Skills-

Elemental Strike: Allows the fighter to strike at an enemy with a chosen element.
Speed Burst: Gives them a burst of speed. 
Battle Spirit: Once their HP falls to 10% the Fighter’s strength and speed increase by 3+ for four turns (posts) or until their HP goes up.  

-Special Character Skills-

Skill Name: Aerial Dive
SP Use: Low (5% to 25%) Medium
Cool Down: Two- Four Turns  
Range: Melee
Skill Duration: One Turn
An attack from above. He jumps high, spirit energy gathers at his feet and he slams down on the target at a high speed, causing 1x damage to 2x damage, depending on SP used.
Skill Name: Scattered Light
SP Use: Low (15% MP)
Cool Down: Four Turns
Range: Long
Skill Duration: One Turn  
Small spheres of spirit flow from his palms at one or multiple targets for a seven second count. If target is hit, causes 0.5x damage per connecting hit up to 2x Damage added up.
Skill Name: Crescent Strike
SP Use: Low (15%) to Medium (30%)
Cool Down: Four Turns  
Status Effects: None
Range: Melee
Skill Duration: Two Turns
His gauntlets are set aflame with Spirit Magic. He throws a series of four punches at the target per round (Post) active. If two of four strikes are successful (per post active) the damage is 2x, if less, damage is 1x, if third strike lands, damage goes up 2.5x damage. (Cannot be kept active an additional Turn past the two indicated).
Skill Name: Radiation Kick
SP Use: Low (15%) to Medium (25%)
Cool Down: Two- Three Turns  
Range: Melee
Skill Duration: One Turn  
He throws a powerful kick at a target infused with spirit. Depending on the SP used, it can cause 1x to 2.5x damage.

Has a short temper he doesn't often bother trying to reign in, unless he’s given a good (in his mind) reason. He’s cocky, impulsive, a joker, and very much a daredevil. Underneath that, there are glimpses of kindness and protectiveness for those he thinks weaker than him but that…is often lost beneath his bolder personality traits.

History: WIP


Player behind the Character

Nathaniel Lockwood
Personality: A lot like his online persona, except that he tries a little harder to reign in his temper and be a little more polite, though there are still times he can’t help it, but during work hours at least, he tries to emulate his twin brother’s calm personality, but that doesn't often work.

Background: WIP 


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