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Demos RP Rules Empty Demos RP Rules

Post by Dark on Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:56 pm

1. Since forumotion doesn't allow multiple accounts with one email, you may use one account for your characters (if you'd prefer it), however you cannot post in one post for more than one of your characters, and at the top of the post must be the character's name.  If you'd prefer multiple accounts with different email addresses, that's also allowed. 


~Olette ~



2. Use the template provided to create your character, you can add more detail or not, but the basics must be filled.  
3. Once you have joined, be sure to include a current E-mail in your member profile with Forumotion so that the Moderators/other players can get in touch with you.
4. In the Demos rp, you cannot use someone else’s character or one from an anime, manga, story, or t.v show. You may have one that resembles them, but your character must have differences.
5. In order to have your character approved, you must first finish a ten post rp with another member (no rping with your own multiple characters unless there’s another member involved). All posts must have the minimum of 150 words.
6. Be respectful to members and staff alike and not troll or start OOC fights with anyone. In other words, 'treat everyone how you want to be treated'. If there is a problem with another member, instead of fighting it out contact one of the staff and we’ll discuss things. If problems persist after that then one or both parties may need to leave.
7. Don't spam! Posting OOC messages IC while not part of an IC post, posting inappropriate materials such as overly violent or pornographic pictures anywhere (IC threads, OOC threads or the chatterbox) is prohibited. Ads for other RPGs posted anywhere else but the Plug board are also considered spam and will be deleted.
8. To avoid clutter only quote one post.
9. Keep subjects of politics, religion, race etc IC-only! Once they're brought out of the game, they risk offending people and can start fights.
10. Fanfiction can be posted directly or linked to, their contents shouldn't exceed the IC rating, so nothing incredibly graphic in nature.


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