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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:09 pm

Rper Name: (What you would like to be called when not IC).  
Character Name: 
Species: This is locked to 'Human' until a ten post count, after which you can head to the Eos Cathedral, throw a precious stone and the fur (or feather) of an animal into the spring found there, and be transformed to have some of that animal's characteristics. If wanting to become something else, such as an elf or a dwarf, you must throw an item that may represent them (an elf, a leaf, a dwarf a hammer). 
Server (City) of Origin: For the moment, this is locked to Gardenia, the main city for Gaia Server. Once other cities are opened, you may ask for a Rebirth in another city.  
Is your character a Beta Tester:  (This will be open for a while at the beginning of the rp, then closed) 
Character Glitch: (You may fill it, but this ability will be locked until further notice)  

Reference: A picture that must be drawn by yourself or someone for you. Taking a picture from the internet or another source without permission is not allowed. You can also write a description of your character until art of your character is drawn. Your character can look the way you want it too (with animal characteristics, an elf or such) but will remain 'human' until the ten post count and approved. 


 Weapons: (one main weapon, and secondary weapon)


(you have 30 stat points you can put anywhere (as long as they don’t overflow), and five from equips for a total of 35 points. Depending on your class, some stats will be higher than others). 
Strength: x/10
Defense: x/10
Agility: x/10
Magic: x/10
Endurance: x/10
Critical: x/10

Luck: x/10
Dexterity: x/10

-Class Skills-

-Special Character Skills- Your character can have up to four special abilities, and every 25 posts, you may add a new (stronger) skill up to ten.  




Pet Name:  
Pet Breed/Description: 


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