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Myth of Creation Empty Myth of Creation

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Erebus: Oldest of the Siblings, God of Darkness, Chaos and Monsters.

Aurora: Goddess of Light, Life and Magic.

Demos, Myth of Creation.

In the beginning, darkness reigned for eternity. Until Eternity ended and the Universe created Light, a sister to the Darkness. The universe called her Aurora, a Goddess of Light and Life. This Goddess saw the potential in The Universe and thus she began to create the Stars, the Suns, the Moon. She also wanted to create Life, planets full of them, but alone, she could not.
Thus Aurora went to her brother, Erebus, and asked that he help her. Curious about the outcome, Erebus did so, and with their wealth of magic and knowledge they created planets full of life, but one planet in particular, they focused on. Demos.

In this planet, Aurora created dozens of races, gave them thought and knowledge so that they may better themselves, but Erebus chose to create monstrous creatures on land and deep in the sea, putting together pieces of animals in many ways as well as bringing into creation the dark creatures of the night such as ghouls, so that they may challenge the intelligent races.
Dismayed, Aurora gifted the races with Magic and created Spirits so that they may be of help to some of the races, while others she gifted with Strength, Endurance, Speed.

The two argued, Erebus was displeased that Aurora had given such lowly creations Magic and created Spirits. He demanded she take it all back, but Aurora would not do so and in turn demanded her older brother undo his monstrous creations. He would not budge. And thus coming to an impasse, Erebus made a proposition to his sister.

Let there be a War held in Demos between his creatures and her races, Darkness against Light. Let them decide who would win. Aurora did not want such a bloody event to happen, but her brother retreated to where she could not find him. Only when a winner was chosen, he told her, would he appear. Having no choice, Aurora let time pass in her precious planet, watching over it as best she could.


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