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Afflictions Effects Empty Afflictions Effects

Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:30 pm

Bleed: This can be afflicted by a physical attack, causes the character to continue bleeding, loosing HP every turn (post). Can be cured by HP potion or a healing spell. 

Blind: Caused more often by bright light. 

Burn: Caused more often by fire spells. A red mark appears on the part of the character that is burned, flaring up every turn. Can be healed by a healing spell or potion. Lasts up to four turns and if afflicted with it again, it can stack, causing damage to the flesh and leaving a mark behind. 

Dizzy: Causes the character to feel faint, unsteady, as if their surroundings are spinning. If stacked, this will cause Vertigo and lead to other ailments such as confusion and eventually fainting.  

Confusion: Causes a character to be confused, and may even attack an ally. Can be removed by a healing spell or potion.  

Poisoned: Poisons a character, causing it to loose HP. If stacked, it may cause Toxic, an ailment that has a high chance of killing the character.   

Frozen: Drops a character's body temperature, if stacked, can cause frost bite, at its worse, may cause flesh to break away. 

Paralysis: Disables the character's ability to move up to three turns. Often caused by lightning spells, dangerous plants, or potions.  

Sleep: Causes the character to fall unconscious, usually afflicted by sleep spells, potions, or dangerous plants.  

Slow: Cuts the speed of a character in half. Caused by Slow spells or potions. 

Weak: Halves a character's Strength or Magic. Usually accompanies a Curse.


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