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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:14 pm

Special Skills: The custom skills characters are allowed to create for their characters. 
Skill Cap: The limit of points that can be put into any Stat.

Overflow: This is when your character reaches its Skill cap, but another point is added to such as 11/x10. Overflow points are given when your character ‘levels up’. This happens every 25 posts within an Arc of time in the rp. The cap is 3+ skill points you can put anywhere, and once a new Arc begins, you are free to earn 3+ more skill points.

Pets: Any type of animal you can think of as long as it’s of a reasonable size (such as a horse or a lion). This doesn’t apply to Mage Knights, who could keep a dragon as a pet, but only if brought up from a small size. Mage Knights can keep up to four, other classes may keep two. Pets have up to 25 Points that can be distributed into their Stats and can have up to four Skills. 

Special Prizes: Prizes given if a special event is finished. 
Arcs: Also known as Eras. There will be an announcement when a new Arc begins.

Glitch: A costume skill that was acquired by some characters who were Beta Testers after ‘The Lockdown’ happened.

Turns: Each post. If a Skill lasts One Turn, that means it ends at the end of that post. It's also how long a cool down lasts for a skill to be able to be activated again. 

Damage: Magic or Physical attacks usually deal with this, though sometimes they attack the MP.

Damage can either be caused in very low (partial/ 0.5x,) Damage,  Low 1 to 1.5X Damage- Medium (2x Damage)- or High Damage (3 or 4X damage). The higher the damage, the more the MP usage.

Status Effects: These Effects usually accompany one Skill or another and are given a percentage of Chance such as 5% 0r 40%.

MP Usage: Each Character (even those with 0 MP) have a 100 Gauge meter, after that, with every point added your Gauge goes up 20 points, giving Magic wielder characters more chances to use their spells and the ability to make their spells stronger (though the stronger they are, the more MP they use, the less times they can be used, and the longer (Turns) the wait to use them). How much the attack or spell costs is figured in percentage. Low is 5%- 20%.  Medium is 25%- 40%. High is 45% up. 

Range: Classes like Heavy Blades and Fighter are mostly Melee (close quarter fighters), while Mages are best off fighting from a distance and have a wider range, or area of attack.  



There is a limit to how many items of the same kind character can take with them. 

Healing Potions  (Heals up to 80% HP). Max 10
Water: Restores up to 15% of HP. Max 7.

Snacks, Various. Can restore up to 12% MP. 


Maps: Maps of places such as fields must be bought at a store in the City unless you are an Engineer. Note that Dungeon maps will only appear in inventory once mapped by the player, but can be mapped more easily by an Engineer, sometimes even revealing hidden places.


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