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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:12 pm

Strength: For Classes that rely on physical attacks, this stat represents how hard they hit, how much damage their attack carries, while for those who rely on Magic, it’s worth is lessened.  

Defense: How well you guard against another’s attack or your ability to halt their attack midway. For many classes, this stat is important, especially those with low endurance and speed. 

Agility: Speed. How nimble you are. It enables you to miss hits instead of blocking them, a trait more common in Rogues or Snipers than other classes, though agility is important since for those like low defense, it allows them to get away safely.

Magic: For those who rely on spells and potions, it’s the equivalent of Strength, but for Magic. This stat will determine the power of your elemental skills as well as how many times you can use then and how quick they reload. The higher your Magic stat, the more strikes you can dish out. Leveling up will also help in this. 

Endurance: How many successful attacks against you, you can take before your HP reaches zero or your character is knocked out. Classes like Heavy Blades rely more on this stat to keep them going, but other weaker classes can also benefit from having enough endurance.

Critical: The higher the stat, the more likely your attack will land a powerful hit, causing double damage to your opponent.  

Luck: This stat is more passive. It heightens the chance of finding rare items, or monsters dropping more gold.  

Dexterity: The precision of your attack or spell. The higher the stat, the more likely you are to hit whatever you’re aiming for. For Snipers and magicians, having points in this Stat is important. When dealing with a Rogue, it can counter their high speed. For physical fighters, it lowers the chances of their opponent being able to dodge their attack.


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