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Post by Dark on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:06 pm

Mage Knight: Can wield magic, although only through their weapons. They cannot wield the heavier blades, but like the warrior, can wield two handed blades and the lighter swords. They cannot wield two different weapons at once. Not usually as strong as the Warrior, their strength lies in wielding their magic through weapons, allowing for elemental damage, plus physical damage to their opponent, thus their Magic and Dexterity is a must for this Class. Unlike other classes, this one can add up to two pieces of magical armor to themselves, boosting their immunity to any magic.     
-Class Skills-
Elemental Armor: When their HP drops to 10% the armor appears over them, halving their damage for up to five turns (five posts) or until their HP goes up.
Fairy Prayer: Calls a small winged fairy of light to fly around them for three posts, boosting their HP any time it falls. (This skill disappears if the Mage is a Dark Mage). 
Elemental Shield: Conjures a shield of their element to block a hit to themselves. 
Taming: The only class in the game that can tame and train the larger animals, and keep more than one pet (up to three).


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